10 Games to Help Familiarize Children with Food

Since children are very fond of delicious food, everything related to it will be very interesting for them. That is why video games related to foodstuff are perfect for children from a very young age. You can install them on your child's tablet and play together.

Cooking Fever

It is one of the trendiest games to familiarize your kids with food. It was developed in 2014 by Nordcurrent. In this game, children will get acquainted with the restaurant work. An interesting path awaits them from a novice employee of a simple cafe to a real restaurateur guru.

Ice Candy Popsicle

The game was released in 2021. It will familiarize kids with making ice-cream of their dreams. The game will teach children to create bright, cheerful, colorful desserts of different shapes and tastes.

Summer Camp & Cooking Story

This magnificent game will introduce children to the key features of camping and outdoor eating. Kids will learn everything about the best food for cooking on a camping trip and what foods to use for certain meals.

Cake Mania

Cake Mania teaches children from the age of five to cook desserts. The main character of the game is Jill, who has a bakery. Jill will help your kids to learn about different types of desserts and how to cook them.

Cooking Dash

This game for kids was released in 2020. While playing, your child will become a chef. For a certain time, kids will have to cook several different dishes. The game has 50 levels that are ideal for children from 5 to 10 years old.

Cooking Mama

This is a great cooking simulator that includes various mini-games. In each of them, the child must listen to Mom's instructions using different buttons to prepare or serve dishes.

Battle Chef Brigade

It is a great game to familiarize your kids with food. It is well-compatible with PC, iOS, and Android. Kids will have to prepare food for the Kingdom as part of the Battle Chef Brigade.

Campfire Cooking

This project allows children to plunge into the hiking atmosphere. Your kids will run a family on a hike. They will learn many interesting stories and try to cook food on a fire.

Diner Bros

This is a popular restaurant simulator for kids where players learn the basics of cooking. In addition, in Diner Bros, you will need to perform various tasks, such as improving the premises and expanding the restaurant.

Good Pizza, Great Pizza

This game will teach your child how to cook pizza. Children learn about different types of pizzas and the main ingredients for making them.

Now, you can easily familiarize your kids with various types of food. Children will be happy to know new info about their favorite meals in the form of a funny game. They will both entertain and learn new facts. You can engage them to play even a couple of games from our list so that they have varied info on the most delicious food.