5 Games with Expansive Skill Trees

Various skill trees are actively used in game development not only in strategies and RPGs but even in action games and shooters. There are hundreds of worthy games with massive skill trees. Our gaming experts have chosen the top five video games of this type. Please, scroll down to get the details.

Vampire: The Masquerade

All events in the game Vampire: The Masquerade unfold in a world where real vampires are always present next to ordinary people. They belong to opposing clans. Vampires constantly intrigue and arrange bloody wars. These wars are always conducted in secret, without revealing their disguise, the so-called “Masquerade.” The development of characters and skill trees in this role-playing system is determined by belonging to the clan, which gives related skills as well as a set of unique characteristics and abilities.

Dragon Age: Origins and Awakening

This game belongs to the real-time RPG genre with turn-based combat and active pause. The player must become a recruit in the order of the Gray Wardens – an organization aiming at serving humanity and acting as a fighting front in the war against the awful creatures of darkness that have an unlimited thirst for blood. The main character must unite the entire Ferelden to fight against Evil and destroy the archdemon leading the hordes of darkness.

Divinity: Original Sin

A gamer takes on the role of a team from the Order of the Source Hunters, similar to the squad of the Inquisition. On your journey, you will uncover ancient secrets and find the Keepers of the Well, opponents of your order. The distinct feature of the game is that it can be played by a few participants. The title stands out with a good skill tree system that allows you to develop and customize characters across multiple skill groups.


The game was initially launched in 2017. Like any other Immersive Sim game, Prey opens up many ways to develop the skill tree of your hero. Thus, in this game, he can become an advanced technician and win over the security systems of the space station to his side. The main character can also learn the skills of alien guests.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II

This is a very popular RPG with an expansive skill tree based on Star Wars. The main character is one surviving Jedi who doesn’t remember his past. The player will have to revive the Jedi Order to destroy the army of rebels that have subjugated the whole world. The game features a rather intriguing storyline and entertaining fights that involve power skills and Jedi swords!

If you have been looking for the best games with skill trees, you can play the top five games mentioned in this post. It is recommended that you should try at least a couple of games and compare them. We hope you will enjoy the presented list of games with expansive skill trees.