How Does Playing Games Affect Studying?

Modern children cannot be imagined without video games. Therefore, gaming activities should be directly included in the educational process. On this occasion, many studies have already been carried out by scientists from the USA, Canada, Australia, and the UK. Let's see what conclusions they came to.

Positive effects of playing games for studying

If teachers and parents explain to the child in time that computer games must be played consciously, the child will only benefit from video games. Let's look at some advantages of games for studying.

  • Educational games. With their help, the child can develop fantasy and hand motor skills. Now, a lot of computer games are being created for different ages, aimed at learning and developing the personality.
  • Shooters develop concentration and attention, but some games contain scenes of fights and violence. So, parental control will be necessary.
  • In the process of studying, video games help develop logical thinking, memory, and attention. Some types of video games have a positive effect on the child. For example, such platformers as Rayman Legends or Super Meat Boy develop orientation in space, strategic planning, and logic and stimulate memory. Puzzle games help to get rid of disturbing thoughts, reduce cravings for overeating, and even allow for healing disorders.
  • In addition, video games are beneficial for the child's psyche. They relieve stress and help to get rid of depression and cheer up.
  • Although the prolonged pastime at the computer negatively affects eyesight, some games have a positive effect on the child`s eyes. For example, shooters improve the ability to distinguish the smallest details and subtle shades of gray. They also stimulate the parietal and frontal lobes of the brain.

Negative effects of computer games on studying

Computer games for a child are a great way to escape from reality. Many children experience problems with school, friends, and parents. The virtual world is a great opportunity to escape from injustice and everyday life. Yes, it's simply more interesting to play than to do homework.

  • British scientists have concluded that when a child plays a lot of computer games, this process is accompanied by stress. As a result, after sitting all day in front of the computer, the child becomes irritated in the evening. Your kid can also become aggressive and uncontrollable.
  • The child may have back problems. With a constant passion for computer games, the muscles of the neck and upper back suffer.
  • Another danger posed by computer games is gambling addiction. This is a real deviation of the psyche, requiring the help of a qualified doctor and the support of relatives.

Now, you see that if playing games reasonably, this process can affect studying most positively. Various types of games help to develop miscellaneous skills in children. Kids should be allowed to play video games for a certain time daily. Parents must constantly monitor which games they play and for how many hours per day to prevent gambling addiction.