5 Video Games to Familiarize Students with Farming, Plants, and Animals

Familiarizing kids with animals and plants in the form of a funny game is the best choice for you to instill a love of nature in children. Hundreds of cooking games of this genre have been launched already. However, our gaming experts have selected only the best ones. Please, get the details in this post.


This is a very exciting game that will introduce children to the wonderful world of marine life. Children will have to pay attention to the correct placement of animals, fish, and invertebrates in aquariums and stands, select a suitable habitat for them, take care of staff training, and purchase all the necessary equipment.

Youda Farmer

The game was released in 2009. Since that time, it has been one of the trendiest and most played video games on farming. Kids adore it very much. Youda Farmer is a business strategy game in which children will manage their farm. They will grow wheat, tomatoes, potatoes, as well as take care of livestock and fish. While playing, kids will receive orders for certain products, which should be delivered to stores on time. The game has multiple levels and easy gameplay.

My Little Farmies

This game can easily familiarize your kids with animals and various plants. While playing, children will need to build their farm and turn it into a real paradise for animals and plants. They should create a farm from scratch to their liking and turn it into a fairy tale. My Little Farmies is a fun building and economic simulation game. Kids will learn how to grow cereals, vegetables, and fruits and organize production. Customers who are attracted by your products will be the visitors to the farm. My Little Farmies will help develop agricultural and managerial skills.

Super Lucky’s Tale

Super Lucky's Tale is a bright and childish platform game that tells the story of Lucky. It is a cute little fox, which is waiting for many adventures on the way to the main goal. Our hero, an amazing optimist, sets off on a dangerous adventure to gain inner strength and help his sister escape from an insidious villain. All locations in the game are made in various styles and inhabited by plenty of animals. Children will familiarize themselves with different types of forest flora and fauna. The game will be interesting to children from eight years and older.

Garden Paws

Being released in 2018, Garden Paws is a great simulator for building a small farming settlement. While playing, children must help the characters build their prosperous settlement. They must tame wild animals and plant many trees on the farm. Children will also have to build shops, as well as farm and fish for food.

Now, it will be much easier for you to familiarize children with plants, animals, and farming. These are both fun and educational games that allow kids to study and entertain at the same time.