5 Best Food Educational Games for Kids

Thousands of various educational games are currently represented on the video gaming market. Food-themed games occupy a special place as children are very fond of everything related to delicious food. These games are designed for children of all ages. Therefore, if your kids have not yet found food games on their own, our experts have prepared for you the top 5 food games that your children will definitely like.


This is one of the most popular cooking educational games for kids. There is often a terrible mess on the kitchen, and quick assistance might be necessary to avoid worse consequences. And it is the essence of the game in question!

In this game, four players can cook and serve different dishes together. The plot of Overcooked is a bit crazy, but that makes it even more fun to play. A limited time is given for each level. If a player is lucky, he/she moves on and gets access to the original collection of great chefs. The plots of all levels have their amazing characteristics. For example, kitchen tables slide on a pirate ship. So, it is quite difficult to cook.

Cooking Simulator

The Cooking Simulator is the most detailed and realistic food simulators. Here, the child will acquire the skills of attention and quick mathematical calculation. This game will also help to form responsibility for the overall result. The game has 80 recipes, dozens of ingredients and spices, and an abundance of kitchen utensils. Thus, children can feel like real chefs.

Katy and Bob: Cake Café

This is a popular management game. In this game, children will be able to manage the bakery by fulfilling the requests of whimsical customers. They have to cook cakes and pastries; otherwise, the local sweet tooth will be left hungry. The latter, in turn, will pay you well. The player can spend income on new ovens and exotic ingredients for cooking. This game will require a good reaction from the child and the ability to plan actions and distribute finances.

Happy Chef 3

In this game, your kid will try to be an employee of a cafe, pizzeria, and own restaurant! To be successful, children will have to quickly master the recipes of various dishes, cook several orders simultaneously, and purchase more advanced equipment to improve the interior. Kids will do everything so that customers visit their cafe!

Cake Shop 2

The main character in the game is an enthusiastic girl Emily who decided to open her cafe. She has many clients, so it is necessary to be quick and attentive. You need to bake cupcakes and other sweets, serve customers promptly, and get good tips for high-class service!


Most kids like educational games. The food theme is especially popular because kids adore games with counting bananas, tomatoes, chocolate, oranges, etc. Now, you have the list of the top five food educational games. You can offer them to your kids. They will both entertain and train new skills.